Alberta Distance Track Championship


Results and schedule as of October 1

With all track meets and races cancelled for 2020, here is a chance to do a real race. The only caveat is the races will be against the clock, that is, they will be time trials. A complete set of results from all the time trials will be collected into one final set of results. At the end of the season, a single champion will be crowned.

Not only will you be competing against the clock, you will also be competing against every other entrant regardless of age or gender. A well established age and gender grading system will be used to allocate a value to each result to level the playing field (

Most importantly, you will be competing against yourself. If you have never raced these distances before, then you are guaranteed to set a personal best. And if you have competed at these distances in the past, this is an opportunity to set a new personal best.

Only two distances will be offered, 3000m and 5000m. Competitors can choose to run either distance or both. Only their best result will be used for each distance in the overall results to crown a single champion.

The time trials will be held every Saturday at Glenmore Athletic Park until the end of October. Upon completing the registration form, a start time will be assigned. If Saturday is not convenient, arrangement may be made to hold a time trial on another day.

Four Simple Rules:

1. Complete registration form.

2. All time trials will be done using hand timing on a regulation 400m track.

3. No pacing allowed. Only one competitor on the track at one time.

4. Verbal assistance can be offered such as lap splits or offset time from a preset target pace.

If there are any questions, please contact Mario Festival, Calgary Warriors Distance Coach at

This event was orginally named Calgary Distance Track Championship. Since there was so much interest from outside of Calgary, it was more appropriate to name it Alberta Distance Track Championship.

Decided to change the method of calculating the age grading. We are now using the calculator from Masters Athletics. It turned out the program originally used from runbundle was not as accurate since it was grouping some ages in 5 year ranges.